29th June: Holding Patterns ‘Endless’ Release Show
May 10, 2019

29th June: Holding Patterns ‘Endless’ Release Show


Vested Interest pres:

an extra special release show for ‘Endless’
+ supports

Sat 29th June / 8pm
The Sebright Arms 34 Coate St, London E2 9AG
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Come celebrate the release of ‘Endless’ – the debut album by Holding Patterns out on Vested Interest (UK), To Lose La Track (Italy) & stiff slack records (Japan). Attendance is free, and we’ll have copies fresh from the plant to buy on the night. A bit of history about our friends from Derby:

Holding Patterns make sprawling indie-rock that is as exhilarating and direct as it is explorative. Their music dials into the deep heritage of 90s alternative rock and punk that pushed the boundaries of pop forms, subtly experimenting with structure and composition. Formed from the ashes of UK band Crash of Rhinos, Holding Patterns match the emotional drive and intricate guitar work of their previous incarnation with a greater sense of space.

Moving from a five-piece band to the pure power trio of guitar, bass and drums forced Holding Patterns to go through a process of refining their creative approach. Their resulting debut album ‘Endless’ sees the trio expanding their horizons while dialling further into the raw emotion at the heart of their music.

Yes, it’s out – some say how, many said when, but here it is, Endless. We can wait to bring this out to the world.

Well done, you made it.