DIY U-Kay: a round-up of new bands in Spring 2019
March 14, 2019

DIY U-Kay: a round-up of new bands in Spring 2019

It’s near impossible to read anything without a mention of or an allusion to, that 6-letter word, suffix ending -it. It will always be a stupid decision.

These seasonal round-ups of UK bands used to be a semi-regular thing during my enthusiastic, soup-heavy lunch-breaks writing on Zine & Not Heard (the former resting place of this blog). Keeping with the format, here’s 5 new bands from UK shores you may not have heard. With bandcamp at our disposal, here’s some you might have missed, January through March –

Loro – Crown Lane

Leeds-based Loro pick up the baton from now-defunct bands Dym and Lady Elect. Here’s some slowcore that beats to a metronomic pulse, plaintive sounding guitars, that are both eerie and beautiful. Masa Hiro is a recommendation if you’re to hear just one track, for daydreamers it’s like a kite dancing the sky on a windy day.

Reciprocate – Demo

If Ladbrokes let me bet on things like bands getting back together, I’d be in the ahem, black, in my high-stakes wager – Shield Your Eyes: the reformation! A a mere 10 seconds into Yeah Well will it all come flooding back, that indescribable guitar tone, that unforgiving Henri Grimes drumming, that Stef Ketteringham vocal cryyyyyy, at times mimicking that bluesy guy in the corner, at times a lost, mourning man at sea. The first time I heard this band was on a demo, it’s nice to hear them again comfortably in this medium.

Internal Credit – Internally Credited EP

Sideline: I once took an Introduction to Financial Accountancy course in my University Days, learning that credit is a bad thing, not the other way round. Easy mistake to make – debt is not debit (there’s only an i in it). Similarly I get confused with black/red colour concepts when applied to the idea of money. The joys of being in the black. As many punks would agree, it’s a better colour altogether. Enough is enough, listen to Internal Credit and their rambunctious EP titled Internally Credited, which is, rest assured not recommended in any way by Martin Lewis or the team at Money Saving Expert. A short, frenzied blast of garage punk that will surely delight.

Spectral Ache – “Waxing Ache, Waning Earth”

While The Body serve as the embodiment of all that is pure and evil, Spectral Ache, alongside acts like Kraus, are pushing amps to the extreme, taking distortion to new frontiers. It’s visceral, raw and unforgiving, and one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. There’s a song here called somnambulant, a posh-word for sleepwalking, yeah good luck with that.

The Company I Can Get – That Day

Southampton has it’s own supergroup, depending on how you look at it. Featuring members of Beat Easton (a firm favourite of mine) and Bewilder (who released a fabulous tape on strictly no capital records last year), The Company I Can Get craft delicate, layered indie-rock that literally sweeps you off your feet in but a matter of seconds. It must be something to do with the Solent air.

Well done, you made it.