DIY U-Kay: a trio of new bands to mark an icy-cold 2019
December 5, 2019

DIY U-Kay: a trio of new bands to mark an icy-cold 2019

This introduction is often saved for an apology about not finding the time to write enough. So here it is. We’ve a General Election in the UK on December 12th, and in-spite of the huge amount of Conservative populous and giant scary offshore owned ‘news’ groups, we’ve the first chance ever to elect a socialist government, with honest policies and their hearts in the right place. My fingers are crossed but nails, bitten right the way through.

Here are three new bands from the UK who put songs out these last few months. Perfect for the cold spell, please enjoy and keep those hands warm.

GhostRun – hello.translate

My step-count reached new levels upon being sent the link to London synth-punk fusionists GhostRun debut, hello.translate. A new digital endeavour from members of the much celebrated Weddings, GhostRun continue their dancy post-punk sass communicating via chip-based dialogue. Synth operator Justin Colley and vocalist Maria Sagun prove but the perfect pairing on this explosive trio of songs.

Veery – Carpet

Veery are one of those bands who formed, maybe accidentally because they for the most part all live together. They enjoy one another’s company, and play, or have played in other bands from their former hunting ground of Southampton, a stockpile that includes The Company I Can Get, Bewilder, & Beat Easton. On Carpet, Veery bring out the keyboard, cruising comfortably along to the Antipodean sound of slacker rock and mistakingly, mild indifference. A truly perfect winter sound.

Zochor – Should Virtual Pets Die?

According to Rick Deckard, virtual pets from Sidney’s come with “a guarantee…if it gets sick within ninety days”. Coming out from a 24-month malady, Nottingham-based Joe Caithness rekindles his affection for ’emo’ with new project Zochor — short spurts of the Revolution Summer-influenced brand, swept up in the more experimental quirks of bands like Tubers. Followers of previous incarnations – Soul Structure, Plaids and What Price, Wonderland (we need not mention La Boite Diabolique) rest assured the Caithness gene is alive and well on these 4 tracks of wonky invention.

Well done, you made it.