Hiperson – “Spring Breeze”
June 22, 2020

Hiperson – “Spring Breeze”


Taking a walk by the hillside.

Hiperson hail from Chengdu, China. The curious ones may be asking where their name comes from. ‘Hi‘ and ‘person’ are loosely what an alien may reduce human conversation to, should it be listening in the first time. There are multiple possibilities, this great interview from 2015 over at Kiwese explores just some of them.

As the story of Hiperson goes, guitarist Ji Yinan or more specifically Ji’s mum, once worked at a radio station. After Ji’s expressed wishes to give guitar a go, mum lent a 4AD deluxe compilation, adorned with lyrics, photos and more. It was later, while studying at Sichuan Conservatory of Music where the majority of the band met. Joining Ji, are current iteration — vocalist Chen Sijiang, guitarist Liu Zetong, drummer Wang Boqiang, and Wang Minghui.

Much like the make-up of 4AD’s back catalogue, Spring Breeze, Hiperson new explorative track out via Maybe Mars (Carsick Cars, Lonely Leary) is a curious mix of pop, spoken-word and spacey indie-rock. In its ambitious 7-minutes, do the drums and percussion (yes even a flute!) set the scene. Chen walks the landscape inquisitively, looking straight at the camera, a lofty two-lines stay with you at the 4-minute mark:

Welcome! You are welcome to come over!
All that humans ever achieved is merely a mound of earth here

Spring Breeze is available to download via Bandcamp, or accessible via all your usual streaming services.

Well done, you made it.