karaoke & nostalgia: Radiant Heart release “Aria/Karaoke”
May 3, 2021

karaoke & nostalgia: Radiant Heart release “Aria/Karaoke”


Following on from sophomore album Brocken Spectre, out in December of last year, our fav London-duo Radiant Heart return with their contemplative and dream-like double-single Aria/Karaoke.

Chris Moore and Celia MacDougall wrote and recorded both songs over two weeks in winter as a break from working on their next album. From their separate bedrooms, they quickly wrote a song each, wanting to release something rough and ready.

Both songs are about music and love, and how both of those things are godly. The release sits somewhere between Asthmatic Kitty and Saddle Creek, via their Midlands provincial small town.

The nostalgic Aria (“the sound of the pure voice, the thrill of it all”) builds with a rhythmic classical guitar and religious imagery.

The brilliant follow-up, sombre Americana-inspired Karaoke (“come on baby pick your favourite song, sing it for your boyfriend and me”) is a simple composition of guitar, pedal steel and piano with intimate vocals and a bitter lyrical narrative about a birthday at a karaoke bar (“we were all partied out”).

Aria/Karaoke is out now on (nearly) all streaming services, and pay-what-you-can digital download from Radiant Heart’s bandcamp.

Well done, you made it.