Cousin – Music To Polish Your Rifle To 12″ album

The sophomore album from Brighton trio Cousin. A winding, shifting and writhing beast of an album, ‘Music to Polish Your Rifle To’ sees Cousin refine their already excellent groovy post-hardcore, presenting a tighter, leaner, but no less playful incarnation of their sound.

Interlocking dual guitars and rolling drums building from catchy riffs into hypnotic grooves, bringing to mind the likes of Polvo, Pneu or Ghosts and Vodka.



1. Dry Steering on a Wet Road
2. John Hit a Deer
3. Which Schnitzel?
4. Oversized Haulage
5. Narcotics Stake-out Mix-up
6. Legitimate Concerns


Black /250

First run of ‘Music to Polish Your Rifle To’, limited to 250 copies on black vinyl. Each copy comes with a digital download code.

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