Real Terms’ delicate indie-rock sound navigates the cities of Liverpool and Washington DC, akin to the intricate and angular music of The Dismemberment Plan, Q and Not U and Hot Club De Paris.

Housework, out January 2020 on Vested Interest Records, brings together Real Terms’ liking for tight staccato rhythms – edified through David’s inventive, and metronomic drumming style, and Crawford’s complementing basslines, helping give the songs room to breath and seek out their own identity. The secret to their sauce lies too with producers David Berger and Andrew PM Hunt, who between them fill the gaps in Real Terms noise-making abilities.


1. Tightrope Walkers
2. Esperanza
3. Scared of Everyone
4. Lake Trasimene
5. Padlocks


Limited to 250 copies worldwide. Black Vinyl.


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