Stream – Holding Patterns: ‘Dust’
February 7, 2019

Stream – Holding Patterns: ‘Dust’

Holding Patterns make sprawling indie-rock that is as exhilarating and direct as it is explorative. Their music dials into the deep heritage of 90s alternative rock and punk that pushed the boundaries of pop forms, subtly experimenting with structure and composition. Formed from the ashes of UK band Crash of Rhinos, Holding Patterns match the emotional drive and intricate guitar work of their previous incarnation with a greater sense of space.

Dust is, in-part, inspired by the ex-mining community in bassist Ian Drapers’ hometown, paying homage to his grandfathers who worked in the mines, evoking the communal spirit that has lingered long after the industry vanished.

Joining Draper, are guitarist Jim Cork, and drummer Oli Craven.

Holding Patterns debut album ‘Endless’, is available as a double LP from May 2019 via Vested Interest (UK) – that’s us, To Lose La Track (ITA) and Stiff Slack (JP).

Pre-order the exclusive Orange 2 x 12″ (limited to 150) here:

Well done, you made it.