Down the dusty tracks: train rides with 55 Deltic
February 6, 2019

Down the dusty tracks: train rides with 55 Deltic

Nottingham’s 55 Deltic meander down the railway track with this new number out on two of the best UK labels – gorgeous, hazy tones that recall the likes of Duster, Codeine and Yo La Tengo in parts.

You Could Own An American Home got its release this week on Barely Regal (one of the last few by our beloved friend Matt) and strictly no capital letters, who have a thing for trains, so this is sort of like sending a box of jam doughnuts in before the prospective job interview.

Odes to locomotives are a consistent theme in 55 Deltic first full-length, by way of the song titling but also how they take you from start to end. Tangen feels a bit like that slow journey to the country, a far bit away from anything like the leaves-on-the-line disrupter Leeds New Line, a highlight of the album that doesn’t shy away from turning up the distortion.

Stateside, there’s been a healthy pick-up of slowcore US bands forming/reforming, and/or whether it’s the new – Horse Jumper of Love, Hovvdy or the old, like Duster, who just released a deluxe boxset – it’s time in the UK some bands from the last decade got back together again –

Step forward The Blue Period‘s (Nottingham’s other slower band), Mars To Stay (Cardiff’s most underrated 2-piece) and Hold Music (I have played ‘In Drink’ about 300 times I reckon). Now that’s a lineup I’d pay entry on the door for.

Well done, you made it.